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Environmental inspectors are coming back, tire companies shivering


Recently, the National Ecological Environmental Protection Work Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the second round of central environmental protection inspectors was launched in 2019, and the crackdown on heavy polluting enterprises such as tire chemicals was intensified. At the same time, all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government should also issue documents in conjunction with local conditions.


Li Ganjie, Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that the second round of central ecological environmental protection inspectors will last for four years. In order to better implement the environmental protection policy, the central inspection team will carry out long-term inspections to completely eradicate illegal activities such as smuggling and leakage. At present, relevant preparatory work has begun, and several inspectors are ready to go, and a "new round of environmental protection storm" is coming.


During the first round of environmental protection inspections, the tire industry experienced a major reshuffle and many tire companies were eliminated. The second round of environmental inspections focused on the high-quality development of chemical companies, and accelerated the elimination or transformation of old tire companies. For tire companies, it is imperative to speed up the transformation and upgrading and improve their environmental protection facilities. Don't be lucky. In the future, such environmental protection inspectors will become the norm. If tire companies are not prepared, they will be eliminated.


In combination with the central government's determination to protect the environment, many provinces have introduced environmental protection remediation documents, inspected their planned chemical parks, and shut down unqualified enterprises. At the dawn of the environmental storm, tire companies must pay attention to environmental protection.