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New energy vehicle sales skyrocketed, cheap and comfortable tires or explosions


In the past year, although China's auto sales have been growing, the growth rate is far less than before, especially the cliff-like decline in the fourth quarter of 2018, which cast a shadow over the prospects of the auto market in 2019. However, although the growth rate of car sales has declined, the sales volume of new energy vehicles has soared. According to the manufacturer data of the Association, the sales of new energy passenger cars in January totaled 91,000 units, an increase of 180% year-on-year, as the country focused on new energy. The development of automobiles has imposed many restrictions on fuel vehicles and encouraged car companies to develop new energy vehicles.


In 2019, the new energy vehicle market achieved a good start, with sales reaching 91,175. Compared with the sales of new energy passenger cars in January 18, 31,638 units, an increase of 483%, which fully shows that consumers' eyes have been focused from traditional fuel vehicles. New energy vehicles.


From January to December 2018, the global sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 2.02 million units, a year-on-year growth rate of 66%. China's new energy passenger car sales in January-December reached 1.01 million units, accounting for 56% of the world's share. China has become the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, so it is imperative to develop tires for new energy vehicles. Row.


It can be seen that in recent years, the new energy automobile market is dominated by the A-class car market, which means that the most sold cars in the market are compact cars and small cars. The tire size is generally small, and in order to control the cost, the tires are generally With economical and comfortable tires, new energy vehicles are different from traditional fuel vehicles, and tire wear is faster than fuel vehicles. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, new energy vehicles will replace tires more frequently than fuel vehicles. Cheap and comfortable tire products will be the first consideration for new energy owners.