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Tire spring

2019 tire industry is ushered in the spring? Or is someone manipulating behind the scenes? Is it forced by the situation? Still planning for a long time? I personally feel that this price hike is louder than the upswing, which means that people's promotion through Weibo, WeChat, and the Internet is greater than the increase! Can you see how the colleagues in the wheel world are looking forward to warm spring? However, if the market's demand conditions are not hunger, the price increase is futile. Although some tire companies have announced price increases, the possibility of going up is extremely small!

Tire shopkeepers exercise caution, control inventory, and control their cash flow. It is not easy to sell tires to feed a small family. Some factories have lost money. They have a national bank! What about us? If it is lost, it really becomes a loss of the wife and the soldiers, but only at their own risk.

It is not the opponent who defeats you. It is not the peers who subvert you. It is not the times that you are defeating you. It is your traditional thinking and the relatively backward concept. Success is not impossible, but you want it or not. No one cares about your desolate, no one cares about your low, no one cares about your loneliness, but everyone will look up to your glory. The sky will not be covered with dark clouds because of one's tears, and the world will not lose color because of who is missing. In addition to successfully prove what you exist? Therefore, we have no choice but to be strong. We have no choice but to work hard!

Is the spring of the tires coming? Environmental re-examination also has time, policy dividends are only limited, and the final sales volume is supported by market demand. As long as we grasp the market timing, our tire spring is coming soon.

Although the price of tires keeps rising, we can't be the pick-up man who beats the drums. The purpose of price hikes is: First, when competitors can sell, we can sell, keep old customers, and second, when competitors can't sell, we can also Sell and develop new customers.